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We are now offering classes in

Amesbury, Salisbury, and Hamilton, MA and Hampton, NH

as well as virtual classes on Zoom!


Tai Chi for Beginners starts on 9/30 in Newburyport!

You can register here: Tai Chi for Beginners in Newburyport


We are still accepting students for our Tai Chi for Beginners course in Hamilton.

Week 2 of 8 coming up on 9/22!

You can register here: Tai Chi for Beginners in Hamilton


Our Sunday Seminar Series continues on 9/26 with a focus on Chin Na.

Translated as "Seize and Control," Chin Na focuses on joint locking techniques

and is an important part of all Chinese martial arts, including Tai Chi. 

The seminar will meet 10:00am-12:00pm at The Dojo on Sunday, September 26. 

You can register here: Chin Na Seminar


Check out the Class Schedule Page and our Google Calendar 

to stay up to date on our class schedule and see all we have to offer!


Great Bay Tai Chi now offers online learning!


We have opened a Patreon page where you can find

video lessons, downloadable files, and written blog entries.

You can access this content here:


We also have a full Tai Chi for Beginners

course available online at


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If you have any questions about our programs please email Chris at





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