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Great Bay Tai Chi offers classes in the

Newburyport and Hamilton, MA and Woodstock, VT areas.  
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*No classes on July 4*

There will be no Great Bay classes in Hamilton, Amesbury, or Salisbury on July 4.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!


*Xingyi Seminar*

The Sunday Seminar Series continues on July 8 with a focus on Xingyiquan.

Xingyi is the third art related to Taiji (Tai Chi) and Bagua. 

Where Bagua focuses on walking the circle, Xingyi focuses on moving straight ahead. 

It is the most aggressive of the three arts and features more explosive movement. 

Xingyi is based on 5 primary techniques knows as the 5 Elements or Wu Xing. 

Students who practice other hard style martial arts generally find that

Xingyi fits halfway between hard style arts and Taijiquan.

 Sunday Seminars take place at The Dojo (Tokyo Joe's) in Salisbury 9:00-11:00.

Cost is $30 to attend.  You can register in advance by emailing Chris at


*T-shirts available to order*

Our World Tai Chi Day shirts were so popular that we sold out before we could fill all requests. 

Shirts are now back in stock and available for $15.

If you would like a shirt, please email Chris at

and be sure to include your T-shirt size (S, M, L, XL).


*New Class! New Format!*

Beginning Friday, May 4 we will add a new class!

Restorative Tai Chi and Qigong will take place at 10:00 Friday mornings

at Pause Yoga Studio in Amesbury!

This class will teach basic Tai Chi movements and exercises as well as Qigong Meditation.

This class is geared toward students who are looking for the health benefits of Tai Chi practice, but do not wish to learn the choreographed form.  Students already taking a form based class will find this to be an excellent complement and a chance to go deeper into the Qigong side of Tai Chi practice. 

This class is perfect for students who are coping with conditions such as Parkinson's disease or fibromyalgia and are looking for a mind-body practice as part of their treatment. 

This class is also an excellent option for beginners!



*Tai Chi classes now available in Woodstock and White River Junction, VT!*

Please contact Paul Mahoney for more information.

You can reach Paul by email at


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