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Great Bay Tai Chi offers classes in the

Newburyport and Hamilton, MA and Woodstock, VT areas.  
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*Tai Chi Takedowns!*

Our Sunday Seminar Series continues on February 9 with a focus on Tai Chi Takedowns!

Chris Himmel will lead this seminar looking at the

takedown and throwing methods hidden in the Tai Chi Form. 

Every posture in Tai Chi has applications for kicking, striking, locking, and throwing.  Practicing these applications helps us understand why

Tai Chi teaches us to move the way it does,

and makes our art a practical self defense method. 

We train in a manner that is safe and comfortable for everyone;

no one is required to go to the floor unless they are comfortable doing so. 

This seminar is open to anyone with Tai Chi or other martial arts experience. 

We will meet at The Dojo (Tokyo Joe's) on Route 1 in Salisbury 9:00-11:00am

on Sunday, February 9.  The cost to attend this seminar is $40.



*Tai Chi for Beginners 8-week Course*

Our next session of Tai Chi for Beginners will run February 6 - April 2.

This class meets on Thursday evenings 7:15-8:15 at

Central Congregational Church in Newburyport.

Chris will be introducing Tai Chi practice and teaching the first part of the

Yang Style 24 Movement Short Form.

Completion of this class most naturally leads to any of

Great Bay Tai Chi's ongoing Short Form (Tai Chi for Good Health) classes. 

The class is run through Newburyport Adult Education;

you can learn more and register by clicking here

If you have any questions, please email Chris at



*New classes in VT and NH with Paul*

Paul has added more classes in the Woodstock, VT and Lebanon, NH area.

Please see our Class Schedule page for a detailed list of all classes we offer.



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